Preview: Mansion on the Hill

Society member Joe Santacroce enjoys producing and sharing films about Newburgh's rich history. His last film about the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration was televised on PBS in 2015. Joe offers a 5 minute preview of his latest project due out soon, "The Mansion on the Hill," that captures the history and heritage of Newburgh's significant Washington's Headquarters.

Forum on the history behind Newburgh’s Monuments

Newburgh is a monumental city. The Newburgh Historical Society welcomes members and guests on Sunday, April 3 for an opening day that will include a slide presentation entitled “Monumental Newburgh.” Starting at 2 p.m., a panel led by Society member Tom Knieser will showcase the many beautiful sculptures and memorials installed in the city. There is a story behind the motivation and creation of each public monument. “In the years we traveled with our kids to various cities, the outdoor sculptures became a part of the memory,” Knieser reflected on how he came to appreciate the topic. There are two dozen examples scattered throughout the City of Newburgh, which have become lasting elements of the city’s landscape offering unique lenses into a local heritage.

Recycle and Reuse: Signage

The shed is filled with dust, cobwebs and things that go bump in the night. Like many others, our shed develops into a cluttered mess by the end of the year. During the much need cleanups, lost items are found while others are discovered. This year we came across more than a few old signs that were used to promote for a spring house and jazz tour. Unfortunately,the tour date was painted on which made the signs unusable since they were last used in 2003. However, thanks to our friends at Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site, we came across an idea that gave these unusable signs new purpose.