Connecting Highways for Newburgh Prosperity

By Mary McTamaney

Delays are expected on parts of Interstate Route 84 this week as connecting ramps for Exit 5A are completed that will funnel traffic directly in and out of Stewart Airport. Drivers on both Route 84 and the New York State Thruway will soon be able to reach the airport for flights or freight services without traveling our local roads. Stewart Avenue (Route 747) was recently opened giving drivers a way to cross between Route 207 and Route 17K, a trip that used to require a miles-long loop east or west of the airport property. Continue reading

Author Speaks on Newburgh’s Role in Grapes of the Hudson Valley

NEWBURGH, NY – During the early years of the nineteenth century, the Hudson Valley was the “breadbasket of the United States,” which was one historian’s way of describing the rise of commercial agriculture. A high demand for American foodstuffs by Europe led thousands of farmers to migrate to New York, taking advantage of the fertile land west of the Hudson River and a close proximity to the markets of New York City. Continue reading

The Way West

By Mary McTamaney

Fall foliage is just passing its splendid peak of perfect colors. Anyone I walk or ride with can’t help pointing to an especially vibrant shade of red or orange as leaves flutter to the ground. It is a time when, despite the need to conserve fuel and avoid gas expenses, people can’t help one or two rides into the countryside. When relatives from abroad visited recently and wanted to take a short trip to test out their rental car, they went west along the two-lane highways that pass hills and farms and reveal the beauty of Orange County. They came back amazed at the extent of our natural resources. Continue reading