Picture Gallery: A Wine Taste of History

More than a dozen historic sites participated in the 2015 Taste of History, a Columbus Day Weekend “food history” trail organized by the Mid-Hudson Historic Destinations. The main idea, which was to develop an event that incorporated a food experience, was loose and welcomed at the Crawford House. Newburgh was once a thriving nineteenth-century port along the Hudson River and freight forwarders like the original owner of the historic house, Captain David Crawford, found success at building a business and a small fortune. Continue reading

Excerpt: The Rev. John Brown, D.D.

By Raphael A. Weed

Of all Newburgh’s galaxy of brilliant and distinguished clergy-men of other days, perhaps the most outstanding was Dr. John Brown, for many years rector of St. George’s. He occupied its pulpit from 1815 to 1878 and was both beloved and admired. He was a man of great activity and business ability, and his sagacity and acumen gave him an influence in the village far beyond the interests of his immediate parish. Continue reading

History of the Shade of Trees in the Village of Newburgh

By Rev. John Brown, D.D. (1791-1884)

In the Spring of the year 1827, being the owner of a large garden at the corner of First and Liberty streets, I made application to the Village Street Commissioner for permission to plant trees around my premises for shade and ornament. At that time the streets on the hill were in a state of nature, rough and uneven. Not a single tree had been planted in the streets for use or ornament. The Commissioner, like some of our City Fathers in the present day, did not see the use of Shade Trees, but thought it improvement to cut trees down. He however, as the official organ of the Corporation, gave his reluctant consent that we might plant trees. Continue reading