Social Media Does Not Belong at Our History Organizations?

By Matthew Colon

Social media has no place in the office! It’s a distraction! I’ve heard this in some form or another from a variety of museum professionals. Their message was that unless you were hired with the purpose of managing an organization’s online image, then engaging in the internet’s social world may lead to no good. Horror stories that include public shaming and job terminations may have accompanied breakroom conversations. There’s also the claim that social media doesn’t bring people through the doors of our historic houses, sites and museums. Numbers matter. Continue reading

Topic of Historical Society Panel Discussion: Growing Up in Newburgh

NEWBURGH, NY – According to the Newburgh Historical Society, the topic of growing up in Newburgh has drawn much attention this summer since the opening of a community exhibit on the same theme.

On September 20th, a panel made up of Newburgh citizens and exhibit donors will come together to discuss their experiences through the images they contributed, assisting the Society with meeting the exhibit mission of “fostering an appreciation for the past by evoking nostalgia.” Continue reading

Growing Up In Newburgh: Past Meets the Present

By Matthew Colon

Nostalgia is something that we all experience. These pleasant recollections accompanied by moving emotions may affect us at random times. This was the case for me when I visited a local ninth grade classroom during a creative writing lesson plan this week. Sometimes, the feeling is so perfect I get the sense that nostalgia seeks us out. Other times, we seek out nostalgia, which is the case for a new exhibit by the Newburgh Historical Society titled, “Growing Up In Newburgh,” opening on Sunday, June 7th, between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Continue reading