David Fekishazy on Board

David Fekishazy, board member

The board of directors of the Historical Society is happy to welcome our newest board member, David Fekishazy. Born in the Roseton area of the town of Newburgh, Mr Fekashazy had an adventurous career in the merchant marines, the naval reserve, and international shipping, which took him all over the world.

David and his wife Bonnie own several properties in the area, including two stunning historic houses: 55 Broad St, and “Glen Lilly” on Grand Ave, where the tenants sing the praises of their landlords’ attention to preservation as well as providing safe and well-maintained places to live. They have three grown daughters living in Newburgh, Garrison, and Washington D.C. An avid researcher of local history, David enjoys repairing, repurposing, and restoring cars and antiques as well as historic buildings.

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