Volunteerism at the Crawford House: Leveling the Bluestone Path

The Crawford House is our hook, as we like to refer to it. It is a beautiful home that speaks to the success of a historically significant Newburgh figure, Captain David Crawford. It’s easy to fall in love with.

Like any other home, it needs constant work and the Historical Society is fortunate to have a volunteer corps dedicated to its preservation as a symbol of pride within the City of Newburgh, but also for the enjoyment by current and future visitors.



In November, Russell Lange and Bill Mocko, two long-standing members and volunteers, dropped by one Sunday to level the bluestone path at the west entrance. Over time the ground beneath the stone shifted causing them to fall under the portico floor at the west entrance to the Crawford House. The Building and Grounds Committee was concerned about potentially destructive water draining over the stones and under the floor and, of course, visitors’ safety. In the winter, water that collects may freeze and potentially cause unaware visitors or volunteers to slip and fall.



Due to our very generous friends that put in the work, the stones are now level and pitched away from the house. This winter we will have little concern about large ice buildup at our west portico entrance.

Thank you, gentlemen!


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