Tuning the Antique Pianos

Experienced antique instrument tuner Charles Frommer and his colleague, Michael Schirmer, recently visited the Crawford House to examine our pianos. They raised and tuned the Sohmer baby grand piano dated to the early twentieth century. They said it had remarkably good tone given its overall condition. Charles will return on a later date to complete and refresh the tuning in time for the Music for Mother’s Day concert on Saturday, May 12th.

Charles and Michael also inspected the Carman and Fancher pianoforte dated ca. 1850-1860 and were very impressed, stating the “condition is outstanding” for this type of piano. In the 1850’s pianos were of three common types: upright, grand and square. Square, the type we see far less in modern times, was the most common then and the type represented by the pianoforte. They were astounded by the ivory keys, which are in near-perfect condition. Michael said he was “feeling a little giddy about it.” They removed the keyboard unit, so we could have a closer look. It also seemed to be in good condition, although some critical repairs are needed. They left the visit with the details they needed and will consult another colleague before proposing a restoration plan.

To benefit the restoration of the pianos, the Society is hosting a Mother’s Day concert at the 1830 Captain David Crawford House on May 12th. For more information→

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