Dutch 'Kas' being loaded onto a truck

Dutch ‘Kas’ Takes a Trip

The History Society’s Dutch “Kassekasten” or simply “Kas” (using the Dutch word for cupboard) dates to the mid-17th century (c. 1650) and was imported to this country by the Elting family of Wiltwick (Kingston). It passed through several ownerships until it was donated to the Crawford House by a director of the Historical Society. Measuring 7 feet by 7 feet on six large ball feet, the Kas is made of rosewood and ebony. (Fortunately for the movers, it comes apart in 3 sections.)

In 2017 our Dutch Kas received some extra attention.Dutch 'Kas' being loaded onto a truck
On September, the Kas was loaded for transportation to New Paltz, where it held a prominent place in a special exhibition “Kasten from Mid-Hudson Valley Collections,” presented by Historic Huguenot Street. The exhibition was on display through December of 2017. For more information, go to www.huguenotstreet.org/

Our Dutch Kas on view in New Paltz

Newburgh Historical Society’s Dutch “Kas” on view in the Jean Hasbrouck house, a part of Historic Huguenot Street, New Paltz, NY

Update October 2018: You can see multiple views of Historical Society’s kas (or kast) as part of an online “virtual exhibit” based on the original physical exhibit at Historic Huguenot Street. To view “our” kast, go to Hudson Valley Kasten