Video: Newburgh Now and Then

by Joe Santacroce

To celebrate the City of Newburgh’s 150th anniversary in 2015, City Historian Mary McTamaney and Society member Joe Santacroce collaborated on an exhibit at the Newburgh Heritage Center (Old Newburgh Courthouse). The exhibit featured “Newburgh Now and Then.” Photos comparing Newburgh today against photos from years gone by — a suggestion by Mary McTamaney that exemplifies both the status and growth of the city today and the beauty of yesterday. Joe has put some of the images together into a wonderful video.

Thank you, both!

One thought on “Video: Newburgh Now and Then

  1. George Hilton says:

    Great video – as an old time Newburgh native, enjoyed these scenes but might have appreciated some scene identification. After 81 years and almost 50 of them away from the hometown – sometimes get “lost”.
    “Thanks for the memories”
    George Hilton
    (then: 322Montgomery Street. now: Lake Charles, LA}

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