Monumental Newburgh: My Thoughts

By Tom Knieser

Monuments, sculptures and public art appear in many towns and villages both large and small. They pay tribute to heroes of war, first responders and historic figures. In some cases they are simply works of art for public enjoyment.

In working on various projects for the Newburgh Historic Society we’ve noticed many of these monuments and sculptures in the city and vicinity and thought they would make an interesting presentation. As the project progressed we counted at least two dozen such items and wanted to know more about their origin, who the artists were and where they were made. The results were astonishing.

Many of the sculptors, both historic and contemporary, are from the Hudson Valley and are well known in the art world, past and present. They have works displayed in major cities and galleries around the world. Some of their works are part of the Newburgh landscape and as we pass by we may not give them a second thought.

In addition to the plethora of monuments and sculptures in the city, there is a major sculpture park nearby and foundries that create these works in the greater Newburgh areas.

Our presentation “Monumental Newburgh,” taking place on April 3 at the Captain David Crawford House, will include a panel of experts who will fill in the historic details on these outstanding monuments and sculptures that grace the Greater Newburgh Area.

P.S. There may be a quiz.

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