Crawford House Benefits from Newburgh Illuminated

The third annual Newburgh Illuminated Festival was focused on Broadway and Liberty Streets. It wasn’t spread throughout the city as previous years, but via a trolley ride visitors could experience other parts of the historic city.

Located a quarter mile north of where the festival took place, the Captain David Crawford House was one stop on the tour connecting the Historical Society to the celebration.

Over 100 visitors experienced all that the Crawford House had to offer. Guided tours were non-stop. The visitors were made up of Newburgh natives and new guests. Both groups left the house with a better idea of the historic impact on Newburgh by the home’s original owner, Captain David Crawford, and Newburgh’s historic impact in the Hudson River Valley.

Enthusiasm for the Society’s new exhibit, “Growing Up in Newburgh,” continues to grow. Those who walked among the photographs from our community couldn’t help but to be affected. Conversations were sparked, enjoyment picked up and others contributed their own stories to exhibit’s interactive storyboard. Three visitors were inspired to become members.

Newburgh Illuminated at the Crawford House was an experience that is desired on a regular basis. However, it was that experience that made this event one that was memorable. One visitor simply summed up the experience when he wrote in the guest book, “Love my hometown.”

Many others found enjoyment in our “hometown.” The Newburgh Illuminated Planning Committee anticipated an attendance of 3,000. Based on what our members expressed about the activities that took place in Newburgh’s downtown, that number did come close or maybe exceeded that goal.

There was certainly plenty of things to do. Over 100 vendors were selling goods and services. Four stages became the platform for musicians of all types and speeches. Plays and performances were presented at the Ritz Theatre. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the view of the Hudson Valley from the grounds at Washington’s Headquarters. There was much more.

We are looking forward to next year’s celebration.

The Captain David Crawford is open for tours on Sundays between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. or by appointment. The “Growing Up in Newburgh” exhibit will be open through December during the regular visitor hours, Sundays between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., or by appointment.

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