We Quizz the Public Strolling Through Downing Park

By Matthew Colon

I surveyed a total of 100 visitors to Newburgh’s memorial Downing Park for a good reason: while researching a topic to write about or develop into a presentation, I seek insight. Whether that be insight into a time period, an object or person, I look through many sources for commonalities to thread into a narrative. It doesn’t hurt to consider the topic’s historiography; regarding how historians have researched or written about a topic. Over time, interests begin to expand, narrow or change altogether. Then there is the audience to consider. What have they chosen to read, listen in on or remember? Continue reading

Picture Gallery: Newburgh’s Heated Game of Croquet

It was hot and humid the day of the annual croquet tournament. Some of the volunteers had arrived to Downing Park at 9:30 that Sunday morning to start setting up the croquet courts. The tournament is a favorite event among the volunteers. Who could blame them considering most of the time is spent outside in a beautiful park. The heat was expected. It was August. However, it wasn’t expected to that degree. Looking around at each of the volunteers’ foreheads and sweat sat suspended between their skin and the moisture in the air. By the time the registration table opened, the setup crew with their rope guides, tape measures and mallets assembled 11 courts. Continue reading

Picture Gallery: 108 Join Walking Tour of Historic Cemetery

It was questionable whether those who made reservations to join Sunday’s walking tour would stay home due to the heat or choose to be some place cooler. By the date of the event, July 12th, we accumulated exactly 100 reservations. Yes we were impressed, but there were concerns about the weather. Earlier in the week, rain was in the forecast, but soon after, the clouds cleared and high temperatures took their place. Continue reading

Picture Gallery: Planning a Walking Tour of St. George’s Cemetery

By Matthew Colon

On July 12th, the Newburgh Historical Society and St. George’s Episcopal Church are leading a walking tour of St. George’s Cemetery. It is a collaborative effort that involved many people to plan what will be a wonderful event. Four tour guides will lead members of the public for a half mile walk through one of Newburgh’s remarkable cemeteries. Along the way, the history of Newburgh will be told through the stories of select citizens from the American Revolution through the present. Continue reading

Growing Up In Newburgh: Past Meets the Present

By Matthew Colon

Nostalgia is something that we all experience. These pleasant recollections accompanied by moving emotions may affect us at random times. This was the case for me when I visited a local ninth grade classroom during a creative writing lesson plan this week. Sometimes, the feeling is so perfect I get the sense that nostalgia seeks us out. Other times, we seek out nostalgia, which is the case for a new exhibit by the Newburgh Historical Society titled, “Growing Up In Newburgh,” opening on Sunday, June 7th, between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Continue reading