Picture Gallery: A Wine Taste of History

More than a dozen historic sites participated in the 2015 Taste of History, a Columbus Day Weekend “food history” trail organized by the Mid-Hudson Historic Destinations. The main idea, which was to develop an event that incorporated a food experience, was loose and welcomed at the Crawford House. Newburgh was once a thriving nineteenth-century port … Continue reading Picture Gallery: A Wine Taste of History

We Quizz the Public Strolling Through Downing Park

I surveyed a total of 100 visitors of Newburgh’s memorial Downing Park for a good reason: while researching a topic to write about or develop into a presentation, I seek insight. Whether that be insight into a time period, an object or person, I look through many sources for commonalities to thread a narrative. It doesn’t hurt to consider the topic’s historiography; regarding how historians have researched or written about a topic. Over time, interests begin to expand, narrow or change altogether. Then there is the audience to consider. What have they chosen to read, listen in on or remember?

Picture Gallery: History Talk Benefits Historic Cemetery

The Newburgh Historical Society and St. George’s Church have proven through their partnership that not only is the history of Newburgh rich and diverse, but that many will come to experience it. Over 150 members of the public attended two events organized by the historic organizations. Part one of their partnership was the memorable walking tour of St. George’s Cemetery in July. The tour did very well and many showed their support. The second event, which took place on August 2nd, was a talk about the Rev. Dr. John Brown, a man who is credited with reinvigorating St. George’s Church and founding St. George’s Cemetery. He did much more for Newburgh as the 43 who attended learned.

Picture Gallery: 108 Join Walking Tour of Historic Cemetery

It was questionable whether those who made reservations to join Sunday’s walking tour would stay home due to the heat or choose some place cooler to be. By the date of the event, July 12th, we accumulated exactly 100 reservations. Yes we were impressed, but there were concerns about the weather. Earlier in the week, rain was in the forecast, but soon after, the clouds cleared and high temperatures took their place.

Picture Gallery: Planning a Walking Tour of St. George’s Cemetery

On July 12th, the Newburgh Historical Society and St. George’s Episcopal Church are leading a walking tour of St. George’s Cemetery. It is a collaborative effort that involved many people to plan what will be a wonderful event. Four tour guides will lead members of the public for a half mile walk through one of Newburgh’s beautiful cemeteries. Along the way, the history of Newburgh will be told through the stories of select citizens from the American Revolution through the present.