Picture Gallery: A Wine Taste of History

More than a dozen historic sites participated in the 2015 Taste of History, a Columbus Day Weekend “food history” trail organized by the Mid-Hudson Historic Destinations. The main idea, which was to develop an event that incorporated a food experience, was loose and welcomed at the Crawford House. Newburgh was once a thriving nineteenth-century port along the Hudson River and freight forwarders like the original owner of the historic house, Captain David Crawford, found success at building a business and a small fortune. Continue reading

Author Speaks on Newburgh’s Role in Grapes of the Hudson Valley

NEWBURGH, NY – During the early years of the nineteenth century, the Hudson Valley was the “breadbasket of the United States,” which was one historian’s way of describing the rise of commercial agriculture. A high demand for American foodstuffs by Europe led thousands of farmers to migrate to New York, taking advantage of the fertile land west of the Hudson River and a close proximity to the markets of New York City. Continue reading

Picture Gallery: Newburgh’s Heated Game of Croquet

It was hot and humid the day of the annual croquet tournament. Some of the volunteers had arrived to Downing Park at 9:30 that Sunday morning to start setting up the croquet courts. The tournament is a favorite event among the volunteers. Who could blame them considering most of the time is spent outside in a beautiful park. The heat was expected. It was August. However, it wasn’t expected to that degree. Looking around at each of the volunteers’ foreheads and sweat sat suspended between their skin and the moisture in the air. By the time the registration table opened, the setup crew with their rope guides, tape measures and mallets assembled 11 courts. Continue reading

Topic of Historical Society Panel Discussion: Growing Up in Newburgh

NEWBURGH, NY – According to the Newburgh Historical Society, the topic of growing up in Newburgh has drawn much attention this summer since the opening of a community exhibit on the same theme.

On September 20th, a panel made up of Newburgh citizens and exhibit donors will come together to discuss their experiences through the images they contributed, assisting the Society with meeting the exhibit mission of “fostering an appreciation for the past by evoking nostalgia.” Continue reading

Joint Program by the Newburgh Historical Society and St. George’s Church Continues with History Talk

NEWBURGH, NY – During the first part of their partnership, over 100 members of the public joined the Newburgh Historical Society and St. George’s Episcopal Church for a tour through the historic St. George’s Cemetery, founded in 1838 by the subject of a new talk, the Rev. John Brown.

The second part of the joint program continues on August 2nd at 3:00 p.m. with the history talk titled, “A Man for Our Time: The Rev. Dr. John Brown, D.D.,” presented by Madelaine Piel, historian, genealogist and a Rev. Brown descendant. Continue reading